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A person acquiring these qualifications will be able to lead..

A person acquiring these qualifications will be able to lead a team of people, schedule resources; monitor quality control practices within a specialized manufacturing or other engineering related industries.

FETC: Manufacturing and Assembly Operations Supervision
SAQA ID: 48915
NQF Level: 4
Minimum Credits: 150
ETQA: MERSETA (17-QA/ACC/0030/06)

This qualification will allow a person to advance to learning in a variety of manufacturing, engineering and management equivalent types of qualifications at NQF 5. This qualification will contribute to the full development of the learner within the manufacturing of engineering domains by providing recognition, further mobility and transportability within the manufacturing and engineering fields.

The skills, knowledge and understanding demonstrated within this qualification are essential for social and economic transformation and contribute to the progression and economic growth within the manufacturing and engineering fraternities. This qualification reflects the workplace-based needs of employers and employees within various manufacturing disciples, both now and for the future.

The range of typical learners are individuals with specialised manufacturing or engineering competencies, planning of production resources, monitoring of quality control practices in the manufacturing environment whilst advising and leading team members in the workplace.

A qualifying learner could operate as a valuable leader within any manufacturing process. This will provide valuable training, embedded knowledge and fundamental experience towards a career within manufacturing, engineering and management that will be beneficial to an individual and also to the economy/ industry. This qualification provides the learner with accessibility to be employed within the manufacturing and related industries and will provide portability and articulation possibilities within the broad manufacturing and engineering domains. 

National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations Supervision
SAQA ID: 49397
NQF Level: 4
Minimum Credits: 120

This qualification is a further step in a learning pathway that underpins a career in the Wholesale and Retail arena, and helps the progression for a career path within an organisation. This qualification is rooted in actual practice and the learner is expected to be part of a public or private organisation and/or company operating in the area.

The Certificate will form part of a learning pathway that currently stretches from NQF Levels 2 to 5. This pathway will culminate in a qualification at NQF Level 5 with the prospect of a management position within an organisation.

Specifically, the purpose of this Certificate qualification is to equip learners to understand and acquaint themselves with the principles of supervision and team leadership within the Wholesale & Retail sector and to provide career paths with associated learnerships through various levels and areas of the Wholesale and Retail environment. Supervision in this context includes all activities ensuring the achievement of desired results and the correct implementation of prescribed policies, procedures and activities. The Certificate thus aims to build capacity and improve skills at lower management level in the Wholesale and Retail sector thus ensuring the development of competence and increased service delivery in this field.

The qualification provides learners with greater competence in people management within the Wholesale and Retail Sector.