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Leadership Development Programme

One of the primary concerns of businesses today is the..

One of the primary concerns of businesses today is the shortage of genuine leadership. There are any number of management courses available, but there is in many instances a gap between being trained as a manager and being trained as a leader. Most academic material on management refers to leadership as one of the aspects of management, but very few focus on the development of leadership skills.

CPT has a long history of partnering with our clients in order to build courses that meet their training needs. This includes aspects such as the customisation of content, the level of material and even practical concerns such as the scheduling of classes. It is through this type of closeness with our customers that we have taken note of the need for a course that will develop managers and especially leaders.

It is to meet this shortcoming that CPT has developed the LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (LDP). The programme has been established at the NQF 5 level. It consists of 5 modules:

  • Personal Mastery
  • External Environmental Analysis
  • Internal Environmental Analysis
  • The Building Blocks of Operational Excellence
  • Strategic Management

These modules have been devised to produce well rounded, confident and professional managers who will have a solid understanding of the various major business processes. Beyond that however, they will also be versed in the less obvious subtleties. This could include areas such as interpersonal skills, conflict management, business ethics, motivation and so forth.  It is in these often indefinable areas and qualities that leadership resides. There is some debate over whether leaders are born or developed, and we at CPT believe that you need to expose people to the right environment and stimuli if you want to identify leadership potential. This principle forms one of the fundamental ideas underpinning our LDP. Students will be confronted with issues and situations that will reveal those with leadership qualities.

The LDP has as one of its aims to not only identify potential leaders, but to help them to establish their career objectives. It is a fundamental tenet of HR science that when an employee’s and the organisation’s goals are aligned, then there is the greatest chance of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our approach at CPT is that there are three parties that are interdependent in ensuring the student is successful:

  • Students will need to be committed to the course and will be expected to perform tasks and develop insights that are beyond their current level of comfort and familiarity. They will need to grow to achieve their goals.
  • The organisation will need to provide access to the necessary areas for task completion. A large degree of the success of this undertaking will rely on organisational support and tolerance.
  • CPT will be committed in terms of synthesising broad and academic business principles and science with the organisational specific requirements and unique considerations.

An important aspect of this programme is that students will initially be expected to review their own approach to work, career and personal goals. They will be expected to develop the necessary understanding and awareness of what it requires to be a successful leader. The principle that you cannot lead anybody else until you can lead yourself underpins the basic premise of the entire programme. It is for this reason that our first and foundational module is that of Personal Mastery.

In a nutshell…

The LDP has as its prime purpose the development of leaders who have developed the theoretical business knowledge and practical business knowledge to enable them to take up a management position. However in addition to this the programme also has the purpose of exposing and developing the leadership skills that will provide the student with the confidence and understanding of how to lead in the workplace.

There is an emphasis on those areas of leadership that are not always developed during training programmes. This will include aspects such as loyalty, ethics, cultural awareness and sensitivity, relationship management and so forth. In this regard there will be close cooperation with the student’s employer to ensure that our goals are aligned especially regarding the organisational values and culture.

The vision of the LDP is the production of well rounded, mature, responsible and energised students who are ready, willing and capable of facing the challenges of leading in today’s dynamic business environment.



Leadership Development Programme