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In an Ever-Evolving Economy, Customised Training is Key

In an Ever-Evolving Economy, Customised Training is Key Long gone..

In an Ever-Evolving Economy, Customised Training is Key

In an Ever-Evolving Economy, Customised Training is Key

Long gone are the days where thousands of learners finished off school, completed degrees at public training institutions, walked into semi-skilled jobs to work themselves up the corporate ladder.

These days – and especially in the more technical industries – we find ourselves with hundreds of thousands of low-skilled workers with little or no education, performing parrot-fashion tasks day in and day out.  ABET-training, FET Training and on-the-job learning seems to be the order of the day.  Considering that the new BBBEE codes require a 6% payroll spend per annum, Training Managers are looking for effective – both in terms of cost and time – ways to upskill workers.  There is simply no time to waste with standard courses in the technical industries so it makes sense to align these to their own production processes.  Training needs to be focused on the individual and the processes within their companies.

Luckily, many companies have moved towards customised – or as we call it – contextualised training.  At The College of Production Technology (CPT) we realise all the challenges that come with upskilling workers especially in the more technical industries.  We have offered our contextualised courses to a number of key manufacturers in South Africa for almost two decades now and many companies have found benefit in CPT’s contextualisation approach.  For example, instead of doing the standard, albeit popular Production Technology Learnerships, they are contextualised by CPT to suit the clients specialised industry.  From steel tube making and plastic pipe extrusion all the way through to power cable; pump and even cosmetics manufacturing – all stemming from a production basis but with hugely varied processes.  CPT specialises its training to adapt to these corporate clients – ensuring that the training is focused for the maximum benefit for both learner, their sponsor companies and the industry as a whole.

Integrating training across industries

No company operates in an isolated environment – they are all linked in a Super Supply Chain, which means they all have their specialised backgrounds and often there are areas of conflict between their individual processes.  This is easily solved by contextualised training.  For example, one of CPT’s long standing clients in the car manufacturing industry awarded a tender to a logistics partner for a specific vehicle manufactured.  This logistics partner has also enrolled its related staff on the same Learnership but CPT contextualised it to suit the logistics environment offering the client not only understanding of the manufacturer’s background but also upskilling the logistics partner.  Bridging this gap ensures for a more effective partnership in the long run while improving the productivity of both companies and their respective industries.

Surely there are accreditation implications?

CPT has full accreditation with merSETA – the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA.  CPT has also served on merSETA’s qualification development board since its inception and has been key in the design of many merSETA qualifications from both a practical and academic perspective.  This background is key in offering accredited, specialised training to the manufacturing and production industry in South Africa.  Although production and manufacturing training is CPT’s niche, we have evolved with our clients over the years and also offer accredited qualifications in the Logistics, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Wholesale and Retail, Business and Management and related areas.

The benefits are clear.

After completing the contextualised qualification learners will have gained both practical and theoretical knowledge focused on their industries which will enable them to be more productive from Day 1 of training; be more motivated to achieve their targets and more self-managed within their teams.

Loraine Greenwood

Chartered Marketer CM(SA)

Chartered HR Professional (CHRP)

CPT – College of Production Technology



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